Foggo Associates

Environmental Policy Statement

Foggo Associates is commited to setting and maintaining high environmental standards across the practice and in its related activities.

Our aim is to manage and reduce negative environmental impacts of our business activities and promote improvements wherever practicable.

In order to support the aims of this policy we are commited to:

-Implementing and maintaining a documented Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 14001
-Providing adequate resources
-Ensuring that all members of the practice fully understand and work according to the requirements of the Environmental Management System
-Promoting environmental sustainability by virtue of our architectural and engineering designs wherever appropriate
-The continual improvement of our environmental performance and management system
-The mitigation of pollution caused by the activities of the practice
-Complying with all environmental legislation and any other obligations

The Environmental Management Systen is reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains effective in meeting the requirements of this policy and any other environmental objectives.

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