Foggo Associates


Foggo Associates believe in the creation of sustainable environments and have, since the inception of the practice, been at the forefront of the design of sustainable and low carbon buildings.

The practice's earliest constructed building, completed in 1995, No 1 Leeds City Office Park, achieved a BREEAM "Excellent" rating with a score higher than that achieved by any other previous commercial building. The design and performance of the building was selected to be studied and monitored as part of the European Commission's Joule-Thermie programme.

Foggo Associates continue to produce flexible and sustainable design solutions, bringing innovative thinking not only to the integration of environmental engineering and architecture, but also to less visible aspects of a building's design that can achieve significant carbon reductions. The BREEAM "Excellent" Drapers Gardens redevelopment, completed in 2009, reused previously existing insitu piles as part of its new foundation design.

The integrated design team approach at Foggo Associates facilitates a holistic approach to the design of buildings, enabling review, analysis and incorporation of the environmental performance and construction aspects of the building to become an integral part of the design process and completed project.

Environmental awareness extends to all parts of the company's activities and our environmental management system is ISO14001:2015 accredited.